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So I Finally Finished Advanced Warfare – My First Call Of Duty Game 😁

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Who Knew A Call Of Duty game Could Be This Good?

How many Call of Duty games are there exactly? Too many to name that’s for sure, but over the years you’d think that I would have played at least one of the previous games. No, not in my case. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is, in fact, my first Call of Duty game and you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it.

The first person shooter genre is one of my favourite genres to play. Coded Arms 1️⃣ (on PSP) and Crysis 2️⃣ (on PS3) are the two games that got me hooked into first person shooting. There’s just something that feels good about playing from this field of view with offensively loud and destructive automatic weapons in your in-game hands. I’ve heard numerous times, from people of gaming authority and friends, that Call of Duty sets the benchmark for first person shooting; and after finishing this installment I can certainly see why. Nothing against Battlefield 3️⃣ – I’ve never played it [Battlefield] – but Call of Duty (Advanced Warfare to be specific) is fun, engaging and delivers on the Call of Duty (story mode) promise: A six to seven hour action movie type of game with lots of guns to boot…or should I say shoot?

Slow And Steady Wins The Race…Or Something […]

So this is embarrassing. This is the first game that I’ve finished on the PS4 – Transformers: Devastation 4️⃣ would have been the first, but the final boss battle is not as easy as I’d like it to be – but it should not have been. I have a few other PS4 titles that came out before Advanced Warfare which, in actuality, should have been finished beforehand. But I’m not like the average gamer nor is there any method to my madness. The Universe wanted it this way (for me to finish Call of Duty first) so who am I to argue. My goal is to get through my backlog and finish all of my PS3 and PS4 games. That is my intention no matter how long it takes.

Last year I wrote a belated piece about the late Paul Walker and why I thought he would have loved Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If you haven’t read it you can read it here. Call of Duty: Black Ops was actually Paul Walker’s favourite game, but at the time of my post the new Black Ops had not been released. Rest assured that I will be posting a Black Ops III 5️⃣ Let’s Play in the future (when I eventually get the game) as a proper tribute to my Fast and Furious friend. But I digress. Now I’m going to tell you why The Gaming Worker loved Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

It’s Advanced, But It’s Not Rocket Science

As I mentioned earlier, Advanced Warfare – and probably all Call of Duty games for that matter – plays like a six to seven hour action movie. It’s a short campaign (because people really play these types of games for the multiplayer modes) but what it lacks in length, it makes up for with a solid and fun shooting experience. There’s a lot of follow-the-leader moments throughout the story mode which has you tagging along friendlies, but I feel like this helps immerse you into the story. Especially since Advanced Warfare has you playing as the new recruit Mitchell (voiced by non other than Troy Baker 6️⃣). It makes sense that you don’t always know your way around and have to play second fiddle to someone else. But this isn’t the only hook. Not by a long shot (no pun intended). The campaign is filled with enormous and breath-taking set pieces and quick-time events that absolutely mesmerize you.

Other take-aways from the game are that Advance Warfare has a pretty darn good story. It’s not The Last Of Us 7️⃣ – another Let’s Play that I have to do, I know – but it still has a decent narrative for a world-at-war, futuristic game. Not to mention the excellent graphics and amazing cutscenes. I think that Diablo III 8️⃣ has some of the most, if not the most, amazing cutscenes in the industry…Advanced Warfare could arguable be even better. I could elaborate on this further, but I don’t want this to be too long-winded and technical. There are other reviews that you can find that do that, and a lot better than I could ever do. So I think I’ve said enough and I’ll let my Let’s Plays do the rest of the talking.

There were so many missions that I loved and enjoyed – except for the, most times hard to maneuver, air combat  missions – but I decided to showcase the two that really stood out to me. The first Let’s Play starts off with me, again as Mitchell, flying in the air (like Iron Man) and trying to take down an airplane to retrieve cargo. The second (which was much more challenging because it was a stealth mission) has me trying to cross enemy lines undetected in my cloak-enabled exo suit. I know right. What’s an exo suit and where can I get one?!

Please click on the images below to watch the videos. Enjoy 😀



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