Why The Gaming Controller Is The Bane Of My Existence

Grab Gaming By The Controller ✊🎮

Hello Gaming Worker Devotees! I hope you don’t mind an interruption of the usual (awesome) narrative from the original Gaming Worker 1️⃣, for a guest post from a truly novice, but enthusiastic 2️⃣ (this counts for something) PC gamer and her struggle with…switching to a gaming controller.

First, A Brief History

I was introduced to gaming by my little brother way back when I was in high school. He was (and still is) a huge PC gamer. Our parents were super strict about games and “their highly addictive qualities”…so the way around being banned from Sega, Nintendo and the like was through computer games. I mean, come on dad, we NEED a computer! For school work!

Rob, the aforementioned little brother, would game until the wee hours of the morning (as true gamers must) and slink up to bed far too late. Of course I was curious. What could be so fun to keep him up this late? So I ended up watching him game…and boy did it look fun. Eventually I was allowed into his gaming world when he wanted to play Worms Armageddon 3️⃣ or another game that required two people (and had relatively easy gameplay for this newbie). And my love of gaming has continued ever since.

Now Let’s Fast Forward Quite A Few Years

Despite “growing up” and moving out on my own, I stayed true to the PC gaming format. Rob dove into PlayStation, but not me! The keyboard/mouse combo was one I could handle and had become used to. And there are still such a plethora of games that use this format so it was never an issue. Until now.

I recently discovered Steam (yes I know, I’m a bit slow on the uptake…cut me some slack) because a game I was looking forward to was only available for PC via this portal. So I promptly signed up, only to be faced with something I have so artfully avoided all these years. PC gaming using a controller. Yikes!

Now I HAVE held a controller…and gone a few rounds in various games with it (both on Xbox and PlayStation). It feels great, and it’s MUCH more responsive than the keyboard/mouse combo but let’s face it – I’m pretty shitty at using it. It’s BECAUSE it’s so responsive that it hinders me. Where my “goof ups” are hidden on a less responsive device, every little movement and misstep is caught with a controller.  My fingers don’t co-operate, I forget which button does what and I look like a fool using it. My whole body moves along with the controller. Lol. It’s like an intense aerobic exercise. And yes, I know that moving my whole body upwards won’t make my character jump any higher. I got it Sherlock. It’s just my physical response. Not logic.

I hear from many of my gaming cohorts, including our own beloved Gaming Worker, that it just takes practice. Just take the dive, buy it and you’ll master it in time. Like driving standard. Or marriage. Double Yikes!

But seeing as how the Steam controller was literally just released, and is being subjected to some not so decent reviews, I may need to expose myself to someone’s DualShock 4 controller…hmmm….

Sean, I’m coming over. Let’s game! 😄

To Be Continued…Most Definitely!

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