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I Had A Dream That I Left IGN To Start Kinda Funny…

It’s one of the best dreams that I’ve ever had. There I was along side Greg Miller 1️⃣, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys 2️⃣, Nick Scarpino and Kevin 3️⃣. The Furious Six, taking the gaming industry by storm by dishing out the best gaming and pop culture content the internet has ever witnessed. Together we would podcast and conduct interviews, host let’s plays, go on much needed road trips while eating the best fast food money could buy; and we were doing it all in the name of geek culture. But then I awoke to find that what was a short, but sweet, dream for me is still a vivid reality for my five white brothers. God speed boys. I couldn’t be any happier for you awesome nerds.

It Feels Just Like Yesterday

The Kinda Funny YouTube network has been my guilty pleasure for well over 365 days. The kind of funny co-founders don’t know it, but I have been watching and enjoying their form of geek culture entertainment since their launch back in January 2015. Coincidentally this just so happens to be the same time that I launched this blog. What are the odds?

Press X To Exit

I’ll never forget the Monday morning that I read the shocking headline. Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty Have Quit IGN. It was literally plastered in every nook and cranny on the internet. I think every video game news outlet posted the story. Well the sites that I visited on a daily basis did. The news took me completely by surprise. I almost had to take a sick day because I was so devastated. Who the hell would leave an entertainment and geek culture utopia like IGN? What ever else happened in the world that day was not nearly as important as this. I read the story from multiple sites just so that I could get all of the information. But it wasn’t until I watched episode 57 of the Game Over Greggy Show, one of their many podcasts on YouTube, later that morning that I realized that this was not a hoax. These four best friends sat down (AROUND THIS TABLE! [Greg Miller says that a lot]) to explain to their “ride or die, mother-fucking” audience that together they were moving on to focus on their, now full-time, endeavor Kinda Funny.

1) From IGN To Kinda Funny

So why am I writing about this? What does their venture have to do with me or my blog? Well the short and realistic answer is nothing. But you’re not interested in short answers so allow me to give you my “rigmarole”. I felt compelled to write this because IGN has been a huge resource in my video game life. IGN has been, and still is, my go to for everything to do with video games, comic books, TV and movies. Greg and Colin 4️⃣ have provided so much valuable insight in the past on many of my favorite games, and as a result, have gained my appreciation and trust. They know their shit! So it’s only natural that I would follow them – without any hesitation or question – as they continue on their exciting, yet unexpected, journey. BEYOND! 5️⃣

2) The Road Less Traveled

Second to this, I felt compelled to write this because I believe I’m on a very similar path of creative freedom. I think I finally found my true calling when I made the decision to launch this blog which (again) happened to coincide with the launch of Kinda Funny. I can’t help but shake the feeling that this means something. I’m no video game journalist, by any stretch of the imagination, but my love and affinity for gaming is on the level. Now have I been gaming for as long as the boys from Kinda Funny? No. Do I have a deep knowledge and understanding of this industry like they do? Not one bit. Can I speak authoritatively about RPGs, side scrollers, platformers and everything else to do with gaming? Only in my dreams. But that’s ok because my content is for a slightly different audience. The Gaming Worker is for all of the newbs and filthy casuals of the world looking for a place to drop in and check out some reckless video game action. But I too need a community to be engaged in and when I’m not getting my “Daily Fix” from the team at IGN; you can be damn sure that I’m getting it from my best friends at Kinda Funny.

The Cock Of The Walk

Greg, Colin, Tim, Nick 6️⃣ and Kevin, keep up the awesome work. I marvel at what all of you have started together and I hope that one day both of our flaming garbage trucks collide one day, giving us the opportunity to collaborate on something funky and special.

As for the rest of you gaming workers out there, you can check out the every day high jinx of Kinda Funny and Kinda Funny Games on YouTube or at their new and improved website. All of the content is great, but I especially want to give praise to Greg and Colin’s weekly PlayStation podcast, PS I Love You XOXO 7️⃣, where the boys talk about all things PlayStation each and every Tuesday. If you have been a faithful listener of Greg and Colin’s podcast, Beyond, when they were back at IGN then you already know that PS I Love You stays true to their previous schtick. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; right fellas 😉

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