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Boldly Xeodrifting My Way Around Some Little Big Planets

Confessions Of A Xeodrifter

So I have a confession to make. I am just now figuring out how much fun indie games can be. When I say now I really mean within the last year or so. I’ve had my PS4 for just over one year and it’s only within that time that I’ve realized there is a whole other side to this gaming thing. I had no idea that independent developers could create, what some would argue to be, video game masterpieces. But it makes sense doesn’t it? We live on a planet that constantly spits out exceptional indie bands and movies. So why not indie video games? Great titles such as Transistor, Super Time Force Ultra and Axiom Verge would never have been on my radar a few years ago. I’ve always been a triple A games type of guy. But that has all changed now. Thanks to popular blogs, podcasts and my PS4 I have access to a gaming information highway of epic proportions. God bless the internet and video game journalism! Oh, and I can’t forget YouTube. It’s through all of these different outlets that I’ve been able to increase my awareness about video games, whether they fall into the triple A or indie categories. I now make well informed decisions on which games to invest my time and money into and this week the runner up is none other than Xeodrifter by Renegade Kid.

Space Exploration Doesn’t Get Any Cuter Than This

Sadly I must admit that I’ve never played the highly acclaimed games that Xeodrifter hails from. I didn’t acknowledge Metroid back in my infancy gaming days and Axiom Verge is on my to do list. Luckily for me Xeodrifter is free on PSN and it only takes up 55 megabytes of space. Small in data, but by no means is it small on the richter scale of funness. Xeodrifter shows me exactly what I’ve been missing in the form of 2D, retro shooting awesomeness. It’s simple, yet stylish platforming puzzles take me back to my memorable NES days of old. Now had a played a little more Metroid and Mega Man and a little less Super Mario I probably would be better at this game. Nevertheless I’m up for the 8-bit challenge. It’s a nice break away from the more aggressive and complex mechanics of the triple A titles that I so enjoy. There’s no third dimensional traversing and left analog stick/camera rotating to be done here. It’s strictly just a 2D side scrolling, multiple platform jumping, alien world shooting experience with unwavering boss battles. A true throwback that happily reminds me where modern day gaming originally came from. Xeodrifter is truly pixel perfect, but you be the judge. There will be no nonsensical game review scores on this site! You can check Xeodrifter out on PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU and Steam. There. How’s that for a review?! 😊

🔥 Special Feature 🎬 Alternate Ending

For a limited time only here’s an alternative ending to the feature let’s play above. See me actually gain the upper hand and defeat the yellow-eyed, pink and squishy alien thingy in a no holds barred fight to the finish! Click here.

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