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My Love/Hate Relationship With Sony’s Killzone Shadow Fall

@#$% Killzone And The Vektan Horse It Rode In On

Pardon my French, but Killzone Shadow Fall is @#$%ing hard! They say that there is a thin line between love and hate and for me this thin line got remarkably thinner because I absolutely love and hate this bloody game! Killzone Shadow Fall frustrates the hell out of me. You see I love first person shooters. The first FPS that I really played was Coded Arms on my PSP. After that it was Crysis 2 on PS3. In fact I distinctly remember reading and comparing multiple reviews on Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 back then because I wasn’t quite sure which game to buy. After much debate I decided that Crysis (which is truly an underrated series) was the way to go and I have never looked back.

So these two games were what really put this genre on the map for me. They weren’t even the most popular shooters at the time. Most people will probably tell you that Call of Duty and Halo were far superior. And they were, but back in those days I didn’t have the same affinity for those games like I do now. I could only see the gun smoke that was right in front of me which was more than enough to manifest my love for shooters. L1/left trigger to aim! R1/right trigger to fire! Circle to crouch and square to reload! I don’t think that any other genre makes a controller feel so natural in your hands like a good first person shooter does. But Shadow Fall does some things different and it’s enough to throw off your game!

Ready! Aim! Die?!

It’s been at least one year since I last played Shadow Fall and the one thing that I remember about it then was…it’s a hard ass game! Here we are a year later and my reaction is…IT’S STILL A HARD ASS GAME! Did I actually think that playing this one year later would make it easier? No. Of course not. As we all know I just like taking a really long time to finish games. Especially with this particular game. I had to put this game back on the shelf because I kept dying WAY TOO MUCH. And Killzone Shadow Fall fails in comparison to much more brutally difficult and punishing games such as Dark Souls and/or Bloodborne. Those are truly hard. Shadow Fall should be a “walk in the park” 1️⃣ compared to those games. Unfortunately for me that’s not the case and this is why. There are two things that I’ve taken for granted when it comes to successfully completing any first person campaign mission and in Shadow Fall those two things have been eighty-sixed on purpose. One is the much needed mini map and two, the life saving cover system. Two very crucial gameplay mechanics that are key to the player’s survival in a game such as this. For some reason the zany developers at Guerrilla Games thought that it would be a sound idea to abandon these first person shooter staples so that they could what? Sit back and watch us die? Repeatedly? [Insert maniacal laugh by Guerrilla Games here]!

Owls, Echoes And Shields…Oh My

Now if you went to first person shooting school and majored in first person shooting then dominating the enemy AI in Shadow Fall would be a simple task. However this gaming worker did not get his masters in FPS. So just like a kid still trying to learn how to ride a bike, I still need my “training wheels.” I still need big obstructions to take cover behind and a mini map to tell me where my enemies are. You wouldn’t believe how many times I would turn around to find a Helghast soldier standing right behind me and shooting me at close range. It’s @#S%ing ridiculous! The enemy AI gets the drop on you almost every time because there’s no cover and you’re going into the missions blind. This would never happen to me in Call of Duty or Destiny because those games still have their “training wheels.” But it’s not like you’re left with absolutely nothing. You do have aid. It’s just in a different form. And for me it’s taken some time to get used to this new system. By the end of this let’s play video I started to get more comfortable with Killzone Shadow Fall’s mechanics. The game takes place in the future so what you have are technological advancements that assist you when shit hits the fan. Say hello to OWL. 2️⃣ Your advanced, hovering attack drone. This wonderful piece of tech is literally your best friend when you’re behind enemy lines. It’s attack and shield modes are what gets you through the difficult missions. The only trick is (A) you have to remember to use it and (B) it’s energy depletes fast after extensive use sending it back into stand by mode to recharge leaving you vulnerable until it’s fully charged and ready to go.

The other life saving piece of tech is your tactical echo. Activate this and a pulse goes out far enough to tag and highlight enemies (even behind walls and closed doors) so that you know where they are. This is what replaces the mini map. Handy, but tricky as well because if you press the button too long (which I almost always do) the echo makes a noise alerting the enemies to your presence. What the @#$%?! I don’t think that any other game stresses me out more. It’s like I said. I love and hate this game.

The Killzone Shadow Fall Side Notes 📝

So I’m in between a rock and a hard place right now. It’s been over a year since I purchased my PS4 and the 500 gigabytes that the beautiful black box comes with is almost maxed out! As many PlayStation 4 enthusiasts already know that initial 500 gigs is just not enough. Especially when you play (and not finish) games the way I do. Install enough 50 gigabyte games and you’ll find that the memory fills up super fast. Not to mention all of the pics and video that I capture natively on the console for uploading directly to my social media accounts. I need more space! There are more great games coming out and I have to keep up with them all! Ha! I wish. There are a few games coming out that I think will be special so I would like to keep up with most of them. This is just another part of my challenge. Some older games in my backlog will have to be sacrificed in order to play newer ones. Killzone Shadow Fall falls into this camp. The 46 gigs of space that Shadow Fall consumes needs to be freed which is why I decided to do this let’s play now. I wanted to play it one last time before I wiped it clean from my consoles memory. Not to worry though because as a PS Plus member all of my game saves get backed up to the online storage. I can download my game saves and pick up exactly where I left off in the future. That’s the theory anyway. I’ve never actually tried it so my fingers are crossed. Cloud don’t fail me now!

Getting Into The Zone

My fifteen minute let’s play takes place in chapter two so it’s still very early in the story and yet I had a hell of a time completing the tasks. Shouldn’t a game start out easy and then get harder gradually? Between the increasingly clever enemy AI and how the alphabetical objective icons annoyingly blended into the background, to the point where you couldn’t even see them, it felt as if I was being set up to fail. Then there was the enormous, rocky mountain, Berlin wall-like structure, from whence I came. I didn’t even know that I had to go all the way to the other side to rock climb my way back up the damn thing. Maybe it’s just me, but this particular mission was far too problematic. If this mission is indicative of how the rest of Shadow Fall is going to play out then I may be in trouble.

But you should know that I take great comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who struggled through this game. To my surprise there are many other gamers that took the Killzone Shadow Fall challenge and had their work cut out for them. The Rad Brad 3️⃣ is one of the many YouTubers that I enjoy watching when I want to check out different games. If you watch his walkthrough of this mission you can see just how difficult this game was even for a veteran gamer like himself. He had to edit his video like a mofo due to the number of missteps and deaths. It’s actually the first video of his that I’ve seen where he had to do so much editing. Usually he does a twenty to thirty minute let’s play with little to no editing. It just goes to show how much of a challenge Shadow Fall really is.

Although, as much as I would like to sit here and bitch about how hard this game can get a part of me is sad about putting it back on the back burner. A game’s difficulty can be it’s most addictive quality. Make no mistake, as much as I “hate” this game, Killzone Shadow Fall is an excellent shooter. So mark my words gaming workers because this first person will obliterate the Helghast and complete this ball busting walkthrough! Maybe not this year of course, but I’m hoping that I can finish it before Guerrilla Game’s next IP 4️⃣, Horizon Zero Dawn, launches in 2016. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Horizon was delayed? I’m literally the only PS4 gamer on the planet who wants that.

Bonus First Person Shooter Stuff

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