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How The Lego Boy Wonder Saved Batman

Lego Batman Begins And Everything Is Awesome

As fun as it is to snap tiny colourful bricks and pieces together as an adult, I’ve never really given any of the Lego games the time of day. For years I’ve heard about how much fun they can be and my reaction each and every time was “I’ll check it out eventually.” With all of the more deep, robust games at my finger tips I just didn’t think I was missing anything. So I put Lego on the back burner until I got wind of the Lego Avengers game which should have been released by now, but has been delayed until January 2016.

This was going to be my gateway drug into the rainbow coloured world of Lego gaming, because I’m super obsessed with The Avengers, but the universe had a different design for me. A design that manifested into reality when I was shopping at Wal-Mart one fine Saturday with my wife. The impulse hit me when I saw that Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for PS3 was on sale in the video game display. After some quick, much needed research on my trusty iPhone I realized that there was a PS4 version. I wasn’t in the know. Not when it came to Lego Batman. So I dragged my poor wife (God Bless her for putting up with my addiction) to the nearest EB Games and bought it for PS4.

Needless to say when I got home, put that disc into my console and played for ten minutes I was immediately hooked. I became a Lego brain from that point on and everything has been awesome ever since.

Bats’ Gone Bats!

Now because this is my first Lego game experience the novelty for me might seem incredibly high. And it is, but that’s ok. I know that the ambitious Lego Batman 2 is a much better game so with that in mind I may have to play that at a later date. But right now Beyond Gotham is on the menu and it is good. The evil Brainiac 1️⃣ is doing some not so nice things and it’s up to the Justice League to stop him. Before that can happen though Robin has to reverse the effects of a Batman gone batty 2️⃣ due to Brainiac’s mind control powers. What a  fun idea. This Let’s Play is definitely one of my most enjoyable so far. I love the interchangeability between characters and their suits, the Lego bashing, obsessive collecting and enormous Lego background set pieces that you play in. The Bat Cave looks so good in Lego form and I’m just getting started.

This game really took me by surprise. I can’t imagine what came before in the Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes’ open world experience. If it’s anything like this game (according to reviews it is and more) then I have no choice but to add it to my already increasing backlog. At this point I seriously think I have to quit my job. I have no other choice. I just have too many games to play.

Ok, done. I just quit 😮

Tune In Next Week. Same Bat Time… 💬

On second thought, roll over the text bubble!

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