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What A Lovely Day To Play Mad Max

Post Apocalyptic Prologue

Before we get started I just have to say that I have known about this game for quite some time now. It has been in development for the last three years or so. I remember watching the E3 reveal trailer back in 2013. You know the one where Mad Max finds a war boy stranded in the desert looking like he’s seen better days. This war boy begs for Max to put him out of his misery so Max opts to run him over with his car instead of wasting his last bullet. I can still remember the applause from the audience after that one and a half minute cinematic. A number of trailers have been released since then, but I just saw one today that I’ve never seen before and if I wasn’t already excited for this game, I would be now! Here’s the Savage Road Trailer.

3000 Miles To Wasteland

The Mad Max story remains somewhat of a mystery to me. I never watched the original trilogy starring Mel Gibson. I’ve seen snippets of each film here and there, but not once have I ever sat down and committed myself to immersing myself into this post apocalyptic world. Not until this summer that is! George Miller’s latest installment, Mad Max: Fury Road, was definitely one of this summer’s block buster movie highlights. Not to mention the incredible game (so far) featured in this post’s let’s play video above. Mad Max (the game) by Avalanche Studios is a love letter to any Mad Max fan, new or old. And there’s no better way to immerse yourself into the barren wasteland that this franchise has depicted so well. One of my favourite things to do when playing an open world game like this is to stop, smell the roses and take notice of the beautifully rendered world. Yes, there is beauty to be found in Mad Max. Not only in it’s aesthetic, but in it’s gameplay as well. It borrows the combat from Batman and splices it with…well I’m not quite sure exactly. I have no other reference because I haven’t played any other game quite like this so let’s just say that so far it has all of the elements that I like in a game 😁

But back to my original point. I don’t know much about the life and times of Mad Max. However I have been given enough pieces of information to put it all together. Here’s what I do know. Max Rockatansky (aka Mad Max) was a cop. His wife and daughter were murdered by some not so very good people. Max exacts revenge on the not so very good people and somewhere in there he goes mad? This is where I have questions. At what point does he go mad? Does he actually go mad at all or is it just a name? I have so many questions, but let’s continue with my mediocre book report. The movies take place pre, mid and post apocalypse. Resources are very limited and Max is left to his own devices just trying to survive. But sure enough he keeps getting swept up into the struggles and harebrained adventures of the different people he crosses paths with. The end. That’s Mad Max in a nutshell. Cross checked and confirmed by the three movies that I didn’t see, to the one that I did. Lol.

But all movie humour aside, one thing that I truly do know is that the Mad Max game does right a wrong that exists with Fury Road. In the game you have your bad ass ride to dish out some serious damage with! Mad Max’s car was a staple in the first two movies, but unfortunately it was not utilized to any degree in Fury Road. Perhaps the car didn’t have a significant place in the new movie. Maybe we’ll get to see it return in all of it’s glory in the sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland. Whatever the case may have been, if you’re in withdrawal because of the absence of Max’s stellar ride in Fury Road then look no further. Mad Max the game has plenty of in-car mischief and mayhem to keep you from going, well, do I really need to say it? Ok then. Mad 😡

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