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7 Reasons Why Paul Walker Would Have Loved COD Advanced Warfare

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How Would You Describe Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

Too Fast – Too Furious!

Did you know that Paul Walker was a Call Of Duty: Black Ops fan? Yes indeed. The blonde hair, blue eyed, boy wonder from Glendale California happily admitted to this in an IGN interview back in 2011. It was fun, but more importantly it was a way for him to keep in touch with his brothers Caleb and Cody via the online multiplayer mode. This has to be one of the many memories the Walker boys hold dear, and will cherish forever, of their late brother. Paul’s tragic and untimely demise came as a shock to the world a year and a half ago. But nobody was more shocked than the people who were around him the most such as his family and friends. Not to mention all of the lives he touched through his charity ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide). Paul Walker was a super hero on and off screen. A true philanthropist in every sense of the word. I mean here you have a talented kid who fell into acting, climbed to the very top of Hollywood and instead of being seduced by it, used his resources to give back and help others in need. He was a shining beacon of selflessness. And yes, his movies are awesome too.

Ride or Die

Now I did not jump onto the Paul Walker band wagon because of Fast and the Furious. I was a PW fan long before his sneaky undercover cop debut. That’s right. I knew Paul way before Vin did. Paul and I go back. Way back to the She’s All That, Varsity Blues and Pleasantville days. In the late 90’s Paul Walker showed me what it was like to be really cool through those movies. Then he literally shifted gears and took it up 200 notches when he raced to the top of the box office with Fast and the Furious – the movie that positively changed our minds about car movies. Paul Walker (and Vin Diesel) did for Fast and the Furious what Keanu Reeves (and Patrick Swayze) did for Point Break. Paul and Vin ignited the story via their characters who were on opposite ends of the law. And they drove the hell out of some sweet rides to boot. The classic good guy/bad guy bromance. One of the reasons Fast leaves Point in it’s dust is because the movie studio has been able to successfully add seven sequels. Well eight, seeing how the next installment is currently under development. If you ask me I think the franchise should now be laid to rest. As entertaining as the Fast franchise has been there is such a thing as franchise fatigue. Plus, again if you ask me, it just seems a little disingenuous to continue making these movies without the actor who this franchise was originally created for. But I have this feeling that if Paul could speak to his Fast friends from beyond the grave he’d say “Keep this shiz going and ride this fother mucker until the wheels fall off!”

As you can see I could easily go on and on about the late and great Paul Walker, but I need to get back to my original point. Paul Walker was a Call Of Duty: Black Ops fan. And because Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the first Call Of Duty game that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing I thought that I would take this opportunity to pay tribute to one of my favourite actors (may he rest in peace) and first person shooters simultaneously. Paul passed away November 30th 2013, approximately one year before the release of Advanced Warfare. So it goes without saying that he never got the chance to try his hand at this critically acclaimed Call Of Duty game. I felt compelled to write this knowing just how much of a Call Of Duty fan Paul was. Playing it actually brought him closer to his family which is, by far, the best testimony that I’ve heard about any game period. So if you’ll allow it, without further ado, I present to you the 7 Fast And Furious Reasons Why Paul Walker Would Have Loved Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

1. Exo Survival (Co-op Mode)

A fast-paced co-op mode that enables you and up to three friends to take on wave after wave of enemy soldiers, ASTs, dogs, drones and more. There’s no doubt in my mind that this would have been the number one reason Paul would have loved this game. Paul and his brothers could have put their COD skills to the test, but this time on the same team, crushing every task and challenge in true brotherly fashion.

2. Pick 13 System

The Create-A-Class Pick 10 System was a new feature that was introduced in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. This feature gave players the ability to customize their loadouts to suit their style of gameplay. You have ten slots to fill up with your choice of weapons, attachments and perks. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare improves this feature by giving you three more slots to tinker with, hence the name Pick 13.

3. Exoskeleton Abilities

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare introduces this new advanced armour known as the exoskeleton. With this tech every soldier now has enhanced player movement and verticality via boost jumping and grappling hooks. This gameplay mechanic has never before been used in any Call Of Duty game and it’s reception was more than favourable. Other abilities include cloaking, unparalleled strength, awareness, endurance and speed.

4. The Arsenal

Now with new hi-tech advanced arsenal to lock and load with, this first person shooter has a way of making players feel like kids in a super tech candy store. The developers at Sledgehammer Games have done tremendous research really looking at the technologies that are forth coming to bring us sleek and powerful weaponry. From direct-energy weapons to highly specialized drones and hover bikes, these new and awesome toys change the game in a fun and exciting way.

5. Exo Zombies (Co-op Mode)

Who doesn’t like shooting zombies left, right and center? Advanced Warfare introduces a brand new breed of horror known as Exo Zombies. These undead, whom also possess Exoskeleton capabilities, make it hard for you to survive as they challenge up to four players in this terrifying co-op based mode. You’ve never seen zombies on a battlefield like this…until now.

6. Uplink (Multiplayer Mode)

If you were to splice football with the run and gun mayhem of Call Of Duty multiplayer then Uplink is what you’d get. This new game mode pits two teams against each other in a no-holds-barred timed match. The objective is to grab a neutral satellite drone and race it to the opposing team’s uplink station to score a point. The only things missing are the touch downs and field goals.

7. Kevin Spacey

The notable, two time Academy Award winning lead actor, from the hit TV series House of Cards is the seventh and final reason Paul Walker would have loved Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Kevin Spacey is attached to some of the biggest and most relevant movies of our time. Just the fact that he would donate his time to help bring this incredible installment of COD to life is a testament unto itself. As a young actor I’m sure that Paul Walker was an unwavering fan of Kevin Spacey’s work. If Paul were still here to see the final product that is Advanced Warfare he undoubtedly would have enjoyed Kevin Spacey’s next gen performance.

The Last Ride

So there you have it. The first, and most likely last, Call Of Duty/Fast and the Furious editorial mash up. But all fun and games aside, I’d like to say rest in peace to Paul Walker and offer my condolences to the Walker family. Please forgive the lateness of this post, but this blog did not exist at the time of Paul’s passing. Many true fans paid their respects by playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops and posting their videos on YouTube. A fine idea and one that I entertained for a while, but I wanted to do something a little different.

Paul, your movies are great. The Fast and the Furious franchise will never be the same and the charity that you started is a tremendous blessing. When Call Of Duty: Black Ops III drops this November I’ll be doing a Let’s Play for you.

For the final part of my tribute here are a few videos in memory of Paul.


Picture taken by yours truly of the Scion FR-S at the 2014 International Auto Show in Toronto

Picture taken by yours truly of the Scion FR-S at the 2014 International Auto Show in Toronto

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