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The Division Has A Dark And Devastating World For Me To Get Lost In (Fo Sho)! ☣

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The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World

Yes, there are far better worlds to immerse myself in – I’m literally sitting on a pile of old games, like Far Cry 4, that probably have better shooting and much more colourful worlds to escape to – but Tom Clancy has me by the balls when it comes to The Division. Everything about this dark story fascinates me, plus it’s satisfying to run around this version of New York City. Almost the entire population has been wiped out (by the Dollar Flu, aka the Green Poison), gangs and other enemy factions are on the rise; it’s complete chaos. Ubisoft has created such a beautiful mess with this world and I love diving in, like a lone gunman with a huge chip on my shoulder, trying to turn the tide.

Now if I haven’t said it before – and I don’t think that I have – Ubisoft (arguably) makes some of the best open-world games in the video game business. Now that’s just my opinion; you can take it with a grain of salt. I haven’t played that many open-world games – I’ve played small slices of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and EA’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (two more note-worthy games that I desperately need to finish) – but I have to give Ubisoft mad props for creating all of their beautiful, fully-realized, and captivating worlds because their worlds are the ones that I always want to go back to. Especially with The Division. There’s a spookiness and a stickiness that comes with it. (Stickiness meaning that the game has a hook that I like, the game is so good that I can’t put it down because it’s sticky.)

Guess What? I Like Oo-be-soft

No, I haven’t played The Witcher 3, or Skyrim, and I don’t intend to. I can see why The Division might fail in comparison when it comes to vast open worlds, but who the hell has 100 hours to dedicate to just one game? I certainly do not, so when it comes to exploratory gaming, Ubisoft gets my hard earned dollars every time…well almost every time. I say almost only because I can’t play every open-world game they make, no matter how great it is. So I pick and choose the games that speak to me, but if I did have the time (make no mistake) I would play every fucking game with the Ubisoft logo on it! That’s how much I like Ubisoft.

Take Cover Because There Are Some Caveats

Like most games, The Division definitely has it’s issues. As much as I am in love with the world, I would be remiss to not mention the few things that do ruin the experience for me. I know that Ubisoft finally released a hefty patch (1.4) to fix many of The Division’s major problems, but they missed a couple of things.

One: forcing me to do side missions in order to keep the story going. I find this type of grinding very annoying. Now I’m not new to grindy, RPG-type, shooters – Destiny has lots of grinding – but never has Destiny put me in a position like this, where I need to do side missions in order to level up, so that I can continue with the main story. The Division (on the other hand) does.

In Destiny, you reach the level requirements for the next story mission by the time you finish the mission that you’re currently doing. At least that’s how I remember it. I don’t remember having to do side missions in Destiny, also known as patrolling, to boost my level up before tackling the next part of the story. But in The Division I’m currently at level 12 and the next story mission is level 14. So now I have to grind, by completing side missions, to get to level 14 before I can continue with the main story. It’s really killing my momentum because I don’t like being forced to do these side missions. They’re supposed to be optional. Do them, don’t do them, or continue with the story; that’s the beauty of it. It’s up to you to decide, but The Division has taken that choice away from me. The only choice I have, at this point in time, is which side missions to tackle to boost my level.

The Zone Of Darkness 💀

Two: the Dark Zone fucking sucks! (If you go it alone)! The Dark Zone is the PvP (Player vs. Player, aka the competitive multiplayer) portion of the game, which has a very interesting hook. This section of New York was where you got all of the best loot (before the patch). Most of the best weapons and gear was found here so there was lots of incentive to explore this area. Now (post patch) you can acquire better loot out in the world – while you do story and side missions – but you can still try your luck in the Dark Zone, at your own risk.

Risk one: the enemy AI is hella strong, making them a lot tougher to take down (again, if you’re alone). They can over- whelm and flank you super quick, and when you die you lose all of your precious loot.

Risk two: the online community that frequent the Dark Zone will almost always jack you for your loot. Especially if you’re a lone gunman like myself. No one has my back in there so it’s open season and I’m the sitting duck.

There is a matchmaking system that I can use to find other players to help me out with my Dark Zone excursions – and in any other in-game scenario matchmaking would be a good way to go – but here, not so much. The other thing about this bloody Dark Zone is that your would-be allies can also turn against you, at any time, and also steal your loot. It’s a real crapshoot and way too risky unless you’re fucking John McClane from Die Hard (which I am most certainly not). You have to be a really good runner and gunner if you brave it alone, or you have to go in with people that you actually know and can trust.

So that’s my two cents on The Division right now. It has an infectious world (no pun intended) that keeps me engaged, but as a lone player, the grindiness of it all, and mastering the Dark Zone, is enough to make me question how much further down the rabbit hole I want to go. But in all fairness, it could just be a matter of finding a few good people to tackle these obstacles with…like my Destiny compadre Rick. (He made a guest appearance on my last two let’s plays). He has The Division too, but he’s so far up Destiny’s ass right now I don’t know if he’ll ever make time to jump into this game. Or my friend Angie who’s taking her sweet ass time on getting a PlayStation. Come on people! New York is on the brink of extinction and I have to save it!


Saying Au Revoir To DC Universe Online

This Is My Wandering Albatross

Scientific Name: Diomedea exulans

I would like to introduce you to a super friend of mine. She’s been missing in action for a very long time, but my other super friend let me borrow his “bat signal” to summon her back into the fray. I needed this friend for one conclusive adventure. She’s five foot eleven, weighs 135 pounds and always eager to throw down. Her sapphire blue skin glistens in the light and her ominous glowing eyes can burn a whole right through you. Short hair on one side with long bangs on the other, she’s as stylish as she is deadly. And her wingspan…well let’s just say her wingspan would make Marvel’s own Archangel crazy jealous. The name of this amazing wandering albatross is Arcilla and she hails from the Massively multiplayer online role playing game, DC Universe Online.


I have only played a total of four RPGs in my lifetime. In three of them I was given the option to create and customize my very own playable character. DC Universe Online is DC’s answer to creating a fascinating role playing world. Arcilla (named after a college friend of mine) was the first super heroine that I’ve ever created and together we’ve been on a number of quests. Our relationship started when I downloaded this free-to-play PS3 game back in May 2013 and I had every intent to play and immerse myself into this superhero themed experience. After all it was a DC game unlike any other. It was pronounced and my favourite comic book creator of all time, Jim Lee, was involved as a director. All signs pointed to “Play this game!” And play I did. I created my super hero and began blasting, zapping and scrapping my way through the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis as a low level do-gooder.  I say low level because I only got enough XP to level my character up to a level six. In this game they say that the real action begins at level thirty because this is when all of the amazing endgame content becomes available. The duos, raids and other endgame missions are where the real parties are at. Basically the game doesn’t start until you hit the level cap so Arcilla would have to grind her way through until she reached those final double digits. Sadly though I never made it to those double digits. But as history dictates, life and other top priorities got in the way to trump my video gaming goals. Alas, it has been over a year since I last played DCUO and sadly I had to admit to myself that this is one special game that I am just never going to finish.


Yes, truly a sad realization. Even though all of your characters and progress can easily be downloaded onto the PS4 it still took me a while to press the delete command on my PS3. I don’t like letting things go. Plus I have the tiny fear that something could go wrong. What if I do decide to resume play in the future on my PS4 and all of my data in the DCUO server goes missing? Not to worry. Worst case scenario would be to start all over again from the beginning. This would mean creating a new super hero. Arcilla would have to reincarnate into someone else, but it’s a risk I’m now willing to take. There are so many games, new and old, to keep me occupied. And right now I’d rather be grinding and leveling up my Titan in Destiny. Sorry Daybreak. I’m a big fan of the DC Universe, but right now, when it comes to MMORPGs, Bungie’s Destiny is my go to. But I’ll save my praises of Destiny for another post. I’m saying goodbye to a unique role playing universe where I was able to play alongside some of DC’s most iconic superheroes. DCUO was very short lived, but it was memorable and it introduced me to a type of online gameplay that I now love and appreciate. These things happen for a reason correct? Maybe I was not meant to finish this game. Maybe it was just a gateway drug to a much more addictive game. Whatever it’s purpose DC Universe Online is gone from my infinite playlist, but still within reach. Barring no issues with the DCUO cloud, Arcilla may rise again in true next gen form on my PS4. But until then I bid you farewell. Here’s looking at you kid 😈

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