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The God Of Thunder’s Cinematic Debut Might Actually Be The Best Thor Movie! 😮

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WTF?! I Don’t Remember The First Thor Being This Good!

Sometimes all it takes is a little distance, some time (like 2190 days), and watching something again, under a different lens, to make you appreciate it. I watched Thor for the first time, in what has to have been six years, and I was utterly, and pleasantly surprised!

Now, before I start singing the praise of the one and only Thor, guardian of the Nine Realms, and the one true wielder of Mjölnir (sort of), I want you to stop what you’re doing and watch the brand new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, if you have not done so already! It’s set to release on November 3rd–you can check it out by clicking on the image.

Awesome…am I right, or am I right?

Thor (Number One)

Here’s why I felt so compelled to write this. It’s because up until now, I thought that the first Thor movie was absolute garbage! Ok, garbage might be too strong of a word, but I definitely thought that it wasn’t as good as the rest of the Marvel cinematic adventures. It just didn’t have that super-cool wit, and bravado from Iron Man; the explosive, blast-from-the-past appeal from Captain America; the sheer awesomeness that was The Avengers–to be fair, no Marvel movie does–it was just…subpar.

So who was to blame for this lack of my movie enjoyment? Kenneth Branagh (the director)? Chris Hemsworth (the…Thor)? I didn’t care long enough to answer the question, but after watching Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as The Mighty Thor in The Avengers (2012), and the second Thor movie, Thor: The Dark World (2013), my faith was restored…for these two films anyway. Thor number one still left a sour taste in my mouth.

Now let’s fast forward three more years to present day. My buddy Elton, aka Eltron (as in Age of Eltron); my wife’s soon-to-be brother-in-law, which (I think) makes him my…uncle…(just kidding); wants to watch all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies–which is just the greatest idea that he’s ever had–so naturally, I was game!

The first MCU movie (Iron Man) came out in 2008. It’s now 2017. Guess how many movies there are now? Sixteen! Now, I’m not including the soft reboot of The Incredible Hulk (with Edward Norton), because…well, it just doesn’t count. But if you do count the releases scheduled for this year, then you’re looking at sixteen movies. May 5th was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, July 7th is Spider-Man: Homecoming (Go Spidey), and then, all the way in November is Thor: Ragnarok. We certainly have our work cut out for us!

So I started to make the playlist and 86’d the not-so-important movies because, one: that’s one “helluva” popcorn-eating, superhero binge watching session to get through, and two: some of the sequels aren’t pertinent to the over-all story of the MCU. So I needed to weed out the expendable movies, or trim the fat (as they say)–and that’s what I did.

We started with Iron Man, which is still (to this day) a wicked movie; then Captain America: The First Avenger (not as good as Iron Man, but still decent), and then Thor–I must have been intoxicated when I saw it all those years ago because it was pretty damn good! Much better than I remember. Eltron and I had our significant others with us, and they enjoyed Thor as well. I was shocked, and a little embarrassed, because I told them (beforehand) that this Thor was nothing special; but as it turns out, I was totally wrong.

The sequel, Thor: The Dark World, was always the better film in my mind. It’s like Marvel Studios took all of the lessons that they learned from the previous films (not that they had much to learn, mind you), especially Avengers, and used those lessons to create a much better Thor movie. The Dark World still sits on the great precipice of Marvel movies–not everyone would agree with this–but now I definitely have to change my stance on the matter of the first Thor.

Why The First Thor Is Just So Splendid

Here is just a few key reasons as to why I enjoyed Thor this time around. This might be spoilery, but it’s been six years so “deal with it.”

Odin, The King of Asgard, Played by Sir Anthony Hopkins

Forget HBO’s Westworld–BTW I actually don’t see why everyone talks about that show. It’s just ok–Marvel got Sir Anthony Hopkins himself to play Thor’s father, King Odin! Say what you will about Marvel, but anyone that has the power (or money) to convince such a revered and noteworthy actor to make a comic book movie deserves praise.

Tom Hiddleston’s Portrayal of Loki

As far as villains go, Loki is easily the best the MCU has to offer. Tom Hiddleston does a bang up job of playing Thor’s evil step-brother (especially in The Avengers) and I hope we get to see much more of him as this Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a close.

The Comical Relief of Darcy, Played by Kat Dennings

It’s Kat Dennings…what more is there to say? If you know her work from 2 Broke Girls then you know what she’s capable of. She helps provide the humour as Jane Foster’s (played by Natalie Portman) assistant, and does a good job doing it. Trust me, once you hear her pronounce Thor’s hammer’s name as “Mew-Mew,” you’ll know what I mean!

The Cinematic Debut of Lady Sif, Played by Jaimie Alexander

Lady Sif is a force to be reckoned with, and (in my opinion) she should be the one true love of The Mighty Thor. (She very well may be; the story isn’t finished yet.) Nothing against Jane Foster, but Lady Sif is a feared warrior, and a much better match for the Asgardian Avenger. She even knows it, as she tried to rekindle their romance in The Dark World, but Thor did not succumb to her advances. Better luck next time Sif; until that time I look forward to your possible return in Thor: Ragnarok!

More adventures of Lady Sif can also be seen in early seasons of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD–the best show on TV, I might add!

The Townspeople Trying To Take Thor’s Hammer

The MCU is filled with many humourous moments of different people trying to lift Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, and it never gets old. Unbeknownst to him, The Hulk tries (in The Avengers), and fails epically. All of the Avengers, in Age of Ultron, jokingly try to lift the hammer at Tony Stark’s party–and one of them came close! It’s all just shits and giggles watching this again and again, but the rules are in place. Only the one deemed worthy, by Mjölnir, can lift and wield the mighty hammer of Thor.

But chronologically it was the the townspeople of New Mexico, in the first Thor, that took turns and tried to take the mysterious hammer that came crashing down to planet Earth. I totally forgot about this hilarious scene–it was amusing watching it again!

Heimdall, Played by Idris Elba

I can’t talk about Thor and not mention my boy Idris! The English actor; slash, musician; slash, DJ; slash, all-seeing and all-hearing Asgardian, is one of the most interesting characters in the movie. He’s the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge (you’ll have to watch the movie to learn about what that is), and he can see and hear everything that happens in the Nine Realms. He stands guard and he watches…that’s all he does, and his bright and shiny gold armour is something to behold.

Agent Phil Coulson, Played by Clark Gregg

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD is the best show on TV! SHIELD plays a huge role in the MCU; they’re the whole reason the Avengers exist in the first place. At the forefront of it all was Director Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson), and almost always, right behind him, was his right hand man Phil Coulson. In the beginning, Phil had little to no screen time on the big screen, but in Thor (and especially in The Avengers) he got to make much more of a splash in the universe–and he had his Captain America collector cards to show for it!

Unfortunately Phil’s big splash ended in The Avengers, but the good thing was that his untimely demise was what brought the Avengers together in the end. In life, and in death, Phil was the glue that held everything together…even in the (much later revealed) Marvel television spin-off that aired in 2013: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

MCU fans rejoiced everywhere because, to everyone’s surprise, Agent Phil Coulson had miraculously returned (to life). There was no explanation, whatsoever, he was just back. It was, without a doubt, the one burning question that got people to tune into the show. Why was Phil back, and how?

Well, I won’t get into it, but we eventually got our answer, and it was a good answer; but I digress. Phil has a much bigger presence in Thor so do yourself a favour and check it out.

And last, but not least…

Thor, The Prince of Asgard, Played by Chris Hemsworth

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t start with Thor in the first place. Truth be told, I wasn’t going to add him to this list. The idea was to focus on the incredible supporting actors alone. I mean, Chris Hemsworth is great, which makes Thor great by default. So it truly goes without saying, but I suppose I should throw him in for good measure. After all, it is his movie.

So, I’ll close with this: No other actor, in my mind, can play The Mighty Thor as well as Chris Hemsworth. That’s it…go watch Thor if you haven’t seen it. If you have, but you didn’t think much of it (like I did), then go watch it again because you just might be surprised by how good it really is (six years later)!

Living In A Marvelous Disney Universe And Loving Every Minute Of It

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🇺🇸 America’s 😍 Favourite 😈 Superheroes

Now you might argue that Justice League America would actually be America’s favourite superhero team. I mean they have the word “America” in their name. That’s patriotism right there. And I must admit that I’m currently getting a kick out of watching Justice League America Unlimited the animated series on Netflix. I had a conversation with wifey just the other night on why Wonder Woman would be interested in dating Batman. I am only a few episodes into the first season, but so far she’s making it blatantly obvious that she wants to date him. And just like the douche that Batman is he keeps stopping her dead in her tracks. He said it best in the fifth episode, and I quote “You’re a princess from a society of immortal warriors. I’m a rich kid with issues.” LMAO. It totally amuses me. He’s basically telling Diana to go bark up Superman’s tree. And maybe she does, which makes way more sense to me, but I’ve gone off on a tangent. Justice League is a fabulous team, but I’m here to show respect to another team. My favourite superhero team lead by non other than Captain America himself. Wait, I mean Iron Man. No, wait…is it Cap? Whoever the bloody leader is I am dedicating this post to Marvel’s Avengers. Or should I say Disney’s Avengers? Ok, Disney’s and Marvel’s Avengers! So there. Great. That should keep both conglomerates happy 😁

To Disney Infinity And Beyond

Fact. I’m just a tiny (tiny) bit obsessed with The Avengers. For my birthday, which happens to be today, my lovely wife Michelle bought me eight Disney Infinity figurines. Six of The Avengers from the 2.0 Edition and two Star Wars from the 3.0 Edition. It was a wonderful surprise. So wonderful in fact I almost made her return all of them because they’re not cheap. And what’s funny is I almost bought myself the Captain America figurine a few nights before my birthday, but I decided against it and opted to buy her the Merida figure from the Infinity 1.0 Edition. She likes the movie Brave, but let’s get back to my Avenger obsession because that’s what you’re dying to hear about.

So now I have these funky new toys to add to my geek collection. This is all well and good, but you should know that my evil plan is to only display them like trophies. This Toy-To-Life video game experience, which is the primary focus for these tiny heroes, actually doesn’t appeal to me all that much. I just love the super well crafted toys. Shout out to the talented art directors and designers at Avalanche Software who did an outstanding job creating these miniature masterpieces. Disney Infinity is a work of art, just like everything that Disney touches, and I am very happy that they have Marvel (and now Star Wars) in their roster. It makes for some interesting gaming mash ups, that’s for sure. Who knew that there would be an experience this crazy where you could play as Marvel, Star Wars and traditional Disney characters, all in one game? You know what? On second thought, maybe I will play this game after all 😃

Avengers Assemble

I finally finished watching Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Michelle and I went to the movies and finally saw Ant-Man! I wasn’t sure how it would “measure” up to the previous films from Phase 2, but I was pleasantly surprised. Earlier this summer I saw…no scratch that…I experienced Avengers: Age of Ultron! Twice! In two weeks I’ll be picking up the Blu-ray! Actually let me back things up a bit to truly make you understand. Prior to watching Avengers: Age of Ultron on opening weekend I had an Avengers party at my house! There was no cosplay, well, just an Iron Man mask, but that was it. That and all of the Avengers decorations that you could think of. Lol. I bought this decorative kit that came with Avenger swirly decals to hang from the ceiling, big and small pop-out center pieces for the table, and one inch round Avenger confetti to scatter all over! Are you still paying attention? Because it didn’t stop there! I created a tattoo station and had Avengers tattoos for all of my guests! And finally, if that wasn’t enough, I bought every flavour of Doritos that had an Avenger on the packaging! What did I tell you? Obsessed. With all of that in place the idea was to re-watch the first Avengers movie on the Saturday and continue this ultimate Avenger weekend by going to watch Age of Ultron the very next day. Talk about an amazing weekend! The cinematic adventures that is The Avengers are second to none and it’s all due to this ragtag Marvel team/amazing cast lead by the uber talented director Joss “Once More With Feeling” Whedon! Grr Argh! (For my Whedonites out there 😉)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I know what the people at Marvel Studios are drinking, but Jiminy Cricket, whatever is in the water over there is doing the trick. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, silver screen undertaking in Hollywood history. From now until 2019, if you’re a Marvel fan, all of your summers will consist of lining up at the box office, at one point or another, to see what Marvel has in store for Phase 3. And guess what? I’m all in! All of these movies are just damn good. Yes, there have been weaker films. I’m not a big fan of the first Thor and I had to watch Iron Man 2 a few times before it started to grow on me. But over all both Phase 1 and 2 were successes in my book. And the fact that all of these solo projects connect and bleed into one another just adds to the excitement of it all. When the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossed over into Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV series, I nearly lost my shit! Not only are these big budget movies connected to one another, but they’re trickling over into the small screen TV shows as well! Tell me, who do I send my MCU love letter to because they are hitting all the right notes for me. Don’t even get me started on the Daredevil Netflix series!

Now who knows how much longer these movies are going to be popular with the mainstream. But ten or twenty years from now we are going to look back at this time and say that this was the heyday of comic book movies. And rightfully so because when you look back to when these kinds of movies originated you can clearly see the progression that has been made. There’s no doubt that Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins/Dark Knight trilogy raised the bar very high, but let’s save the DC movie discussion for another post. Marvel wants the next five years of your life. Maybe ten if there is a Phase 4. Whatever their evil plan is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has me by the gonads and I’m not even the slightest bit upset over it. If I could give them my movie ticket money for the next five years in advance I would because I know that I won’t be disappointed. Marvel’s track record so far has proven this to me. Are they capable of producing a weak film? Of course. But at most that is what it will be. Just a weaker film. Marvel will never bomb at the box office, but if it so happens that they do, I think I’ll allow it 😏

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