The Gaming Worker Begins

It’s Saturday evening. 7:21 pm to be exact. My iPhone 6 Plus makes a noise! I look down at it and see that it’s a notification telling me that Fryinhard just went live on Twitch! Distraction number one. My wife just got home from her friend’s lingerie themed wedding shower. I definitely have to hear about how that went! Distraction number two. My slow cooker, which contains a two and a half pound chuck roast, went off about an hour ago. I’m considering making additional gravy to go with it! Distraction number three. Are you starting to see a pattern? These are the top distractions of the hour. Three hours prior to this the top distraction was the boys over at Kinda Funny Games, formerly Game Over Greggy. Godspeed fellas! Team Fat for life! This is how my “gaming work” day has been shaping up so far. I should have been done writing this little blurb hours ago. I’m off to a slow start, but that’s ok. The video above should speak for itself. If you listen closely you’ll hear it say “That wizard came from the moon!” over and over again! Ok, not true. That was just a little Peter Dinklage humour for all of the Destiny fans out there. I can’t wait to see what it’s like blasting my way through the planets as a level 32 guardian! It must be nice. I’m only level 19 so I have some catching up to do. And catch up I will, but back to the video.

This is my first official video post which I captured about a month ago. There have been lots of Facebook and Twitter shares via the share button on my DualShock 4 controller, but those don’t really count. It’s all about the blog. And what does one say to his potential audience for his very first blog post? My video already has live commentary. What more is there to say? I’m not a writer. I’m not even that good at playing video games. I’m probably the last person that you want to watch a let’s play video from because I’m the guy who has to decrease the difficulty mode once in a while to defeat the boss. It doesn’t bother me though because here I am and all I want to do is play! This, less than perfect, video depicts that. Yes, you heard correct. My first gaming video is less than perfect. There are bugs and other software errors that plague video games and you know what? Sometimes the software used for recording has bugs as well. Applications freeze and crash all the time. As a production artist I see it every day at work. Why would it be any different with this? If you could have only seen the temper tantrum I had after finding out that the audio for my live commentary seized after twenty-three minutes of gameplay. WTF?! It’s difficult keeping an eye on your audio level indicators, on a secondary HP monitor, while vapourizing waves of the Vex on the lush planet of Venus. Software should just work and it should do so all of the time! Well that’s not the case here. Unfortunately the video above is the product of software not performing at it’s best. But you know what? I posted it anyway. At first I didn’t want to, but after much deliberation I opted to do so because one, it’s still a pretty good introductory video. Two, I’m not perfect. I really want to stress this. I’m not perfect and I like that I’m not perfect. So as a result the videos that I produce are not going to be perfect. My writing definitely won’t be perfect therefore this blog won’t be perfect. I have committed to providing an online venue of not-so-perfectness. Please don’t hate. Instead just sit back and enjoy my less than perfect debut. The game is Destiny and my mission is to eradicate all evil.

It has begun.